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Episode 10: How to Maintain, Not Gain Weight This Holiday Season


Maintaining your weight during the holidays includes being mindful of what we consume while still enjoying the traditional treats that are abundant during the season.

Why Mindful Eating Should be a Priority

The holiday season is a busy season, but taking a few minutes to set your mindset and prioritize yourself is very important. Holiday traditions especially when it comes to food is important and shouldn’t be denied. Having a mindful approach to eating is attainable, though. Here are some tips to approaching the season of holiday joy (and food) with mindfulness:

  • Plan out all your holiday ‘food’ events on a calendar so you have a bird’s eye view of what you will be consuming
  • Schedule time for some light exercise, or track your steps!
  • Habit Stack (i.e. walk around while talking on the phone or do squats while you brush your teeth!)
  • Be mindful of holiday cocktail hours

The average American gains 1-2 lbs during the holiday season or fall/winter months, but practicing mindful eating means you don’t have to deny yourself this season. Maintaining your weight can be easily done throughout the holidays.

Practical Tips to Maintain Your Weight this Holiday Season

There is a saying that goes you can’t outrun a bad diet! While exercise is important, what you are putting in your mouth is even more important too.

Here are some tips to stay at a ‘nice’ weight this holiday:

  • Don’t try to save up your calories for the holiday event – that could lead to overindulging
  • When you arrive at the event, scope out your food choices
  • Bring a healthier dish to share like our stewed apples or stuffed mushrooms
  • Make a small plate or get just a small portion of everything
  • Skip stuff you can have anytime of year and just focus on the food you only can get at the holidays

Join the Salad Challenge

Erica has put together an amazing salad challenge featuring 5 of our salad recipes so we can focus on filling our bowls with fresh healthy foods now and not feel so guilty about indulging later! The 5 day challenge starts Monday, December 7th!

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