Episode 12: Healthy Finances During the Holidays

Spending money doesn’t have to be stressful during the holiday season with these four tips on how to save money while not sacrificing your lifestyle.

During this season of joy don’t let finances ruin your Christmas spirit! Jessica from Beyond Our Money joins the podcast to share with us four tips on how to plan and budget during the holidays.

Four Tips on How to Budget for Holiday Gift Giving

When spending gets stressful, keep yours sanity in check with these healthy budgeting tips.

  1. Make a List

    This includes all that you might spend not only on gifts, but holiday baking, cards or festive clothing. A good way to do this is to list 10 things you want to do this holiday season, then put a star next to your top 3 items.
  2. Make a Budget and Create a Plan

    Using a spreadsheet estimate how much each item you want to do is going to cost!

    If your worried about talking with your partner about this, check out this post!
  3. Figure Out the Specifics

    This will enable you to have a guide when shopping for gifts, baking or other holiday activities. You can also adjust as you go! For example, if you budgeted $50 for cards, but only spent $40, now you have $10 to move to another ‘category’ on your list.

    Also! Save money while shopping with these apps:

    Checkout 51
  4. When to Start Saving

    Now is the time to start saving! Set aside a small amount from each paycheck, review your bank account and transaction to determine what you can hold off on buying until January or even sell old things on marketplace!

    Other fun ways to save money – use these chrome extensions while shopping on your desktop to clip coupons, find promo deals and more:

Get the Holiday Planning Budget Guide

Jessica has this wonderful planner to offer listeners, so you can keep your budget in check this holiday season. Click on the planner to get your budget guide!

Connect with Jessica on these platforms:

Website: Beyond Our Money
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mullinsjessica/
TikTok: @msjessthomas

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