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Episode 13: 5 Tips to Declutter Your Kitchen to Make Healthier Choices

Chaos in the kitchen due to clutter can easily lead to decision fatigue which can lead to making unhealthy choices. Having a system in place that maximizes our efficiency is super important!

In this episode I interview Deanna from Design this House. She gives us 5 tips on how to declutter our kitchen to reset and make healthy choices! When you reduce the visual noise within your line of sight in the kitchen, you will be amazed how this reduces internal fatigue!

5 Places to Focus in the Kitchen When Decluttering

  1. Counter
    Find a home for everything that is currently on your counter to reduce visual noise.
  2. Pantry
    An organized pantry that only includes the items you really use will free up the clutter you feel when you open those pantry doors.
  3. Equipment
    Only keeping the equipment you use on a regular basis maximizes your space.
  4. Dishes
    Organized dishes take up less space in your cabinets and reduce clutter.
  5. Refrigerator
    Keeping your refrigerator clean and organized each week allows you to grocery shop and meal prep more efficiently.

Freeing up space in your kitchen allows you to get rid of all items that aren’t high use, high love or high needed items. You will be amazed how much more at peace internally you will feel when you declutter your kitchen and have a system in place that includes a home for everything!

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