episode 15 easy diy for the holidays

Episode 15: The Best DIY Ideas for the Holidays

From wood chargers for the holiday table to decorative wood Christmas trees, these DIY holiday ideas will spruce up your home for the holidays!

In this episode, I talk with Zoe from Crafted by the Hunts about DIY ideas for the holidays! We talk about fun and kitchen ideas, simple DIY holiday decor and more.

Easy Ideas for Holiday DIY

DIY for the holidays does not have to be complicated. Check out these Christmas decor ideas from Crafted by the Hunts:

We also talked about super easy ideas for adding Christmas cheer to your kitchen such as adding Christmas greenery above the range hood or red towels instead of normal kitchen towels.

DIY Kitchen Organization

Zoe also gave some great organization tips for having a more organized kitchen! If you are decluttering your kitchen from the tips in Episode 13: 5 Tips to Declutter Your Kitchen to Make Healthier Choices these easy kitchen hacks are perfect!

Zoe gives tips on how to easily hang your measuring cups in the cabinet and organize k-cups and more in kitchen drawers.

Zoe also gave me some tips on how to paint my kitchen cabinets!

Connect with Crafted by the Hunts

Learn more about Zoe and get her FREE DIY essential tool list! Also, follow her to get notified of when she release her program “I Made That” where you will learn to be a fearless furniture maker in 4 weeks!

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