Episode 16: Plant Based FAQ – Best Recipes to Use Black Beans and How to Roast Vegetables without Oil

You have heard all about the benefits of plant based eating, but if you have some additional questions or concerns we are here to answer them in this FAQ episode!

In this episode, Joe and I discuss some popular questions that are being asked in the plant based eating space and give our best answers! If you have any questions about plant based eating, send us a message on any of our social media channels and we will be happy to answer you.

Plant Based Frequently Asked Questions in this Podcast Episode

  1. How to successfully make vegan baked goods?
    Use a flax egg or apple cider vinegar, get our recipe for Vegan Peanut Nutter Butter Chocolate Cake. I can’t believe its not butter and I can’t believe it’s not butter light are both vegan.
  2. What should I serve at a Vegan Christmas?
    We talked about some great options for the holidays in this Episode 4: Plant Based FAQ: Curb Your Hankering for Meat & Thanksgiving Roast Options
  3. As a new vegan, I am craving sweets and am so hungry, is this normal?
    As with any new diet, your diet is detoxing and craving maybe what you can’t have! Try eating some sweet fruit or even a vegan dessert. Try eating smaller meals more frequently so you don’t feel the hunger pains, plants digest much faster than animal products.
  4. What Essential Vegan Ingredients should I always have on hand?

    We have a great pantry staple list here that comes as a bonus when you purchase our ebook grocery list.
  5. How do I roast vegetables without oil?

    Check out this recipe on our site for oil free roasted vegetables directions.
  6. What are some good vegan subscription boxes to gift during the holidays?
    This list on Cratejoy some really great options everyone will love!
  7. I dont think I’m getting everything I need in my diet. I feel so drained. What can I do?

    Start taking a B12 Vitamin supplement and be sure you are getting enough rest as your body works to detox from animal products.
  8. The wife and I went vegan a month ago and lost a few lbs, and feel better while trying to learn to cook this new way.  We have been watching vegan documentaries and tonight saw Plant Pure Nation. We really want to be WFPB.  We are now looking for books.  Any recommendations?

    Listen to our episode with Lauren at Well Elephant, she ditchen the oil and reversed heart disease and has a great book recommendation on how she learned to cut out the oil.
  9. What recipes go great with black beans?

    Southwest recipes are very popular such as Spicy Sweet Taco Bowl. Other options that go well with black beans are our [Slow Cooker] Southwest Black Bean Soup, Smokey Black Bean Beet Burger and Simple Cajun Black Bean Potato Bowl.
  10. How do I make Tofu taste good?

    We believe that a good marinade is key for Tofu! Check this recipe out: Chinese Tofu Salad | Wait That’s Vegan Cookbook Review also using firm vs. extra firm made a huge difference for us.
  11. I need good mushroom recipes!

    Find a great list of 21 vegan mushroom recipes here.
  12. How do I vegan meal prep?

    We love all the ideas from Vegan in the Freezer website.

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