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Episode 19: The Anti-Diet Movement with Rachel Homan


Listen to your body and commit to choosing yourself – everyday.

In this episode I talk with my niece Rachel, who is studying dietetics and clinical nutrition about the anti-diet movement and health at every size.

What is the Anti – Diet Movement?

The anti-diet movement is not about eating junk food…it’s about getting rid of the fear of food. Here are some other facts about the anti-diet movement:

  • It focuses on what your body needs to have to be healthier and stronger vs. an ideal look
  • It’s being content with what your body needs
  • It’s eating for satiety and hunger, eating for you.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is individually educating ourselves on what is healthy for you as an individual. It is honoring your body and what it needs!

Intuitive eating helps you understand that you should eat when you are hungry and listen to it when you are full.

Consistent meals keep your brain and body happy!

What is the Health at Every Size Movement?

You can find freedom in food! Nutrition is personalized. What does healthy mean?

Health means something different to everyone. No food is healthy or unhealthy, it really depends on the person.

Rachel, and other dietitians are working to help others understand that we need to fight against disordered eating.

Disordered eating doesn’t necessarily mean you have an eating disorder, it means that you have an anxiety when it comes to certain foods. It might also mean you feel guilt and shame around food.

Embracing that your health journey might not look like someone else’s journey = Freedom.

Break the Cycle of Shame when it Comes to Eating

Here are some tips from Rachel when it comes to breaking the cycle of food shame:

  • Unfollow those accounts that bring you down
  • Get accountability for when ‘certain words’ come out of your mouth
  • Understand that you should eat when you are hungry and listen to when you are full

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