Episode 2: 10 Tips on How to Live with a Non Vegan Partner

When it comes to living with your partner but eating what might feel like ‘separately’, remember respect and communication is the most important thing to remember.

In this episode, Joe and I talk about how we make it work to live with a non vegan partner! I am a 100% plant based vegan and Joe is what I would consider plant curious. Here are our best tips for living together but eating a diet that makes you feel separate from each other.

How to Live Peacefully with a Non Vegan Spouse

  1. Make it About Healthier Choices, Preventive Health ‘Care’ or Solving a Health Problem
  2. Shift the Mindset: It’s Not About What you Are Giving Up, It’s About What you are adding In
  3. Don’t Take It Personally (and don’t try to force your diet on them)!
  4. Build a ‘Base Meal’ You can Each Customize
  5. Find Some Fun Vegan Foods That They Might Like or Will Feel Familiar to Them
  6. Arm Yourself with Knowledge & Respect
  7. Establish Non Plant Based Food Handling
  8. Have the Child Rearing Convo
  9. Offer to Cook More(or Try More!)
  10. Communication Above it All

Need Support on your Plant Based Food Journey?

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