20 Easy Vegan + Family Friendly Weeknight Dinners

When I decided to live a purely plant based lifestyle (read more about Sarah’s journey here), it was a solo mission. Is anyone else in that same boat? Well we have a great list of family friendly vegan weeknight dinners for you!

After talking and researching on how a plant based lifestyle has so many health benefits (read more here or here) I may have convinced my husband on some of the health benefits – so much so that he has agreed that as a family we should eat plant based one night a week!

SCORE 1 for mom.

Convincing the kids? They are going to be a tougher sell. (update May 2019 – my son has become vegetarian – age 9!)But they are so darn cute.

My oldest told the youngest the other day: “And someday when you are a mom, you might be vegan too!”. Leading me to believe that they both think this is a mom thing…ha!

So thinking about what I should do about this – I reached out to a very helpful community of vegan bloggers and asked them to give me family friendly vegan dinner ideas that were:

  • Awesome
  • Easy
  • Delicious
  • and that a meat lover would not miss the ahem, meat.
I think you will be as pleased with this list as I am! There are some great ideas here to satisfy any palate. And a huge thank-you to all the vegan bloggers who submitted recipes to include on this list. You are a fabulous group!


20 Weeknight + Family Friendly Vegan Dinners

Elena at Happy Kitchen.Rockscreated this recipe amidst a kitchen renovation! If that doesn’t spell that she knows her way around creating easy, delicious – no oven needed – vegan recipes, then I don’t know what does! Your family will love this because it is: a familiar name, full of flavor and you can twirl your noodles around your fork! That just brings the inner kid out in all of us.

Melanie at A Virtual Vegan brings us this crowd pleasing favorite! Yes, favorite as what is not to love about a recipe that has a garlicky crumb topping?! (Okay, I am a sucker for a crumb topping!). Seriously though, this recipe is perfect for busy weeknights as it can be made in advance! Make ahead, refrigerate and bake when you get home.

Easy Red Lentil Sloppy Joe recipe from our blog is a family favorite and is perfect for meal prep and freezes well.

Sarah at Vegan Chickpea knows how to warm up the table with a comforting casserole! And this casserole will win over every family member. Hummus adds both creamy comfort and a protein punch! Walnuts add a nice crunch and the spices will win over every member of your family.
5. Vegan Lentil Sloppy Joes

A familiar name that both adults and kids will love for dinner! Kathy at Healthy, Happy Life brings us these easy sandwiches that are packed full of flavor and can be ready and on the table in 15 minutes! With corn, lentils and greens, these are both colorful and flavorful.

VegAnnie says this is her go to recipe when someone is transitioning to a plant based diet and it always wins them over! And it will your family too. You will love to make it because it is only 6 ingredients. You will feel good about serving it because they are vegan, gluten free, oil free and fat free.

My inner kid just got really excited when I saw this recipe – Spaghetti O’s were the ultimate lunch treat when I was kid! Rebecca from Strength and Sunshine brings us this allergy free version that is mom approved and that the kids will love. And it is so super easy – this recipe is a winner in our book!

8 ingredients is all you need to make this dairy free Alfredo sauce! Brandi from The Vegan 8 says this is one of her most popular recipes, it is rich, creamy and has no butter or oil. Her husband told her this is the best she has ever made – and we all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Try it out for yourself and be amazed.

Kelly at theTasting Page says these Broccoli Turmeric Frittersare perfect to make ahead for busy nights. Loaded with health benefits and served up fritter style they feature broccoli, spices and a hemp lime cream sauce for dipping! And we all know that kids love to dip things, so give it a try and watch their faces light up when they taste this delicious and healthy patty style fritter!

Ultimate comfort food for the whole family! Fall is the perfect time to cozy up to this Hash Brown Shepherd’s Pie from Sarah at Fried Dandelions. Featuring seitan, veggies and spices this dish will be a crowd pleaser. The hash browns add a nice crisp to this classic dish.

Melissa at Wee Little Vegans wins over her little ones with these fun sliders! They are baked until crispy and then topped with your favorite BBQ sauce. A perfect appetizer to serve while watching the big game or to star as the main dish for suppertime.

Sunnyside Hanna certainly knows how to deliver a drool worthy plant based recipe that will please everyone in the family! Bake up these crispy, sticky bites for your next game night – believe us know one will miss those ‘other’ wings when they have these on their plate.

No recipe round up is complete without the staple buddha bowl! Kari at a Beautiful Ingredient brings us this easily customizable to suite anyone at the table’s tastebuds. Filled with greens, proteins and a tahini dressing everyone will love filling their bowl with healthy ingredients that satisfy.

Melanie from a Virtual Vegan is back on our list with this Baked Vegan Mac and Cheese! Saucy with a golden crispy crumb topping and all dairy free and nut free. Find out why this is her go to mac and cheese recipe and it will be yours too!

Alissa at Connoisseurus Veg brings us these familiar named nuggets and no one will believe they are vegan! Chickpease and artichoke hearts are coated in panko and pan fried until crispy. Everyone will love this delicious satisfying ‘fried chicken’!

Cara at Fork and Beans knows kids and knows that making food fun can be key to dinnertime success! Your family (and adults, too!) will love this easy Lion Pasta! Don’t be surprised though if you hear a few roars! The cute lion theme, is guaranteed to make everyone at the table roar with raving reviews!

This pizza is not only beautiful to look at but tasty to boot! Sarah at My Darling Vegan uses the Flatout Flatbread pizza crust to keep this simple, but you could sub your own favorite crust. Just don’t skip the vegan mozzarella – it makes this divine!

Stephanie at Veegmama knows her way around the Italian kitchen and this recipe will please everyone around your table just as it did at Stephanie’s! This meal makes a beautiful presentation that will not only impress the kids, but the adults too.

This comforting soup will warm you when the autumn chill gets to you! Plant Power Couple created this magical soup when a cold hit them hard – and we all know ‘chicken’ soup has magical healing powers – if only grandma had had this recipe growing up, because it is a winner!

Two City Vegansbring us this delicious pizza recipe that can be on the able pronto on during busy nights! Black beans add a protein punch and corn, pickled jalapeños and yellow pepper fill you up with veggie delight.
And there you have it! 20 delicious vegan family friendly recipes from some of the best vegan bloggers at there. Try one, try two – try them all! We would all love to know what your family thinks.
Happy Eating!

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