Month: May 2017

Vegan Slow Cooker BBQ Beans


 Call ’em what you want. Baked Beans.   BBQ Beans.   Bar-be-que Beans.   When I was a kid, we called them Beanie Weanies. (because my mom would put hot dogs in it – yuck now –  but as a kid I loved it, don’t judge!)   No matter what […]

Vegan PB Cookie Dough Layer Dessert


 Can we talk about frozen desserts for a moment? Because it is almost summer, and growing up this was synonymous to me with visits to Dairy Queen. Or any ice cream shop for that matter. I am not joking. Even as a kid, I was on the LOOKOUT for anything […]

Vegan Almond Caramel Corn


  I love popcorn! I have sang it’s praises on our blog before. But really it is the perfect treat. Why? Because you can have just a sweet little bite and then save the rest for later! Especially a ‘baked’ caramel corn – this stuff will last for weeks in […]

Thai Salad with Miso Peanut Dressing


  Anyone else when they hear the word Miso – want to say ‘Mi-so this, Mi-so that’?   Okay, just me. And yes, I am okay with my quirky sense of humor. (LOL) This is one of the recipes that you can pull together with staples in your fridge. Because […]

One Bowl Banana Bread


  A staple recipe of mine is my famous banana bread. I mean who doesn’t like banana bread? My family is always asking me to make it and once I do, it disappears in seconds. This banana bread recipe is my go-to to bring to any party or gathering. Enjoy […]