holly bertone A Healthy Lifestyle is Non-Negotiable

Episode 22: A Healthy Lifestyle is Non-Negotiable with Holly Bertone

The impact of food and toxins in your environment can really affect your health and when you start to adjust these to a more clean lifestyle vs. just a healthy lifestyle, this is when you will start to notice positive changes.

In this episode, I talk with Holly Bertone, founder of Pink Fortitude. Holly is a breast cancer survivor and Hashimoto auto-immune survivor. Her story of gratitude through treatment of both of these health conditions is so inspiring.

During the interview, our focus was on a part of the 10 lessons she has learned in 10 years of being a survivor of both of these diseases. We specifically focused on how a healthy lifestyle is non-negotiable and why we need to start and end each day with gratitude!

4 Ways to Live a Clean vs. Just Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Food
    Holly reevaluated her food choices and ditched gluten and dairy. Her headaches immediately stopped after cutting out gluten!

    Holly had great advice to start small! You don’t need to throw everything out in the house, but start slowly. Once the cereal is gone, just don’t purchase more. Focus on shopping the perimeter of the store and if you can eat non-GMO and organic.

    Eat in season! For example, winter squash is in abundance right now! Try something new, like Pesto Spaghetti Squash.

    Small changes can make a huge impact!
  2. Home Environment
    Start reading labels of cleaners, soap and laundry detergents that you are using.

    Remember, have fun in the process! You don”t have to throw everything out at once; when one things ends, have fun choosing another product with less toxins to reduce it.

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  3. Beauty + Skincare

    Your skin is the first barrier to the outside! Choose wisely what goes on it.

    Holly loves the Beauty Counter brand!
  4. Emotional Health

    We saved the best for last! Your emotional health is the most important part of a clean lifestyle. This includes:

    Prayer, meditation, mindset, gratitude, forgiveness and emotional healing! Take small steps to get there. Start with 5 things your are grateful for in the morning and 5 you are grateful for at night!

    Building fortitude starts with gratitude.

    Take Holly’s Gratitude Challenge or Full Moon Detox Challenge!

Connect with Holly to Embrace a Clean Lifestyle and Live with Gratitude!

Learn how to unleash your inner gratitude superhero!

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