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Episode 23: How Sarah from Pies n’ Prose Transitioned to a Vegan Diet

In this episode, I talk with Sarah from the Pies n’ Prose website on how she transitioned to a vegan diet a year ago! This interview is full of all the frequently asked questions regarding how to transition to a vegan diet including, why, how and where vegans get their protein.

Vegan Frequently Asked Questions

Sarah was kind enough to tell us all about her transition to being vegan! Here are the questions and answers we went over:

  • Why did you transition to a vegan lifestyle?
    Sarah had not been feeling the best and felt the need to add more vegetables into her diet. The What the Health documentary opened her eyes to understanding that she did not need need dairy and animal protein in her diet.
  • What were some of the positive benefits you noticed and how long did it take to notice these benefits?
    Immediately stomachache’s that Sarah had been experiencing went away and in about 3 months she started to regain her energy.Learn more on Sarah’s video here.
  • Was it hard to be vegan (at the time of your transition) when your husband was not a vegan?
    At the time of her transition her husband was still consuming animal products, but about 1 – 2 weeks after, he transitioned as well.
  • Do you miss meat or cheese at all?
    Certain smells trigger different cravings, especially in NYC, but after awhile you do get used to it.
  • How do you answer, when someone asks where do you get your protein?
    Sarah took a course on vegan nutrition and earned her vegan health coaching certification so she could feel confident in her answers that beans, tofu, lentils and more were sufficiently fulfilling her protein needs.
  • Why was it so hard for family and friends to accept you are vegan?
    It’s can be hard for family and friends who knew you one way (or brought you up to be) to understand your new lifestyle change, but though it all keep in mind that respect goes both ways and that some education around the benefits of a plant based lifestyle could be helpful.
  • Is being vegan more expensive?
    Sarah’s grocery bill actually is less now than when she consumed animal products!

    She also wanted to point out that vegan plant based foods do not spoil as quickly!

    Also, be sure to check out her Instagram highlight on her indoor garden that she grows in NYC!

The Best Advice about Transitioning to a Vegan Diet

Kindness and respect goes both ways when transitioning to a vegan diet!

This includes both for the person who is transitioning as well as those that are just plant curious, or might not even understand why you are going plant based. Just spread more kindness!

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