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Episode 25: 7 Tips to Reduce Food Waste in the Kitchen

Taking care of the environment or being sustainable isn’t super difficult or elitist, it’s necessary and super easy.

In this episode, Sarah interviews Lauren, from the blog Chickpea and Herb on her best tips on how to be more sustainable and reduce food waste in the kitchen. The tips Lauren shares on how to make your veggies go the extra mile are amazing and will make you rethink how you use your veggies and fruits to get the most milage out of them!

How to Reduce Food Waste in the Kitchen

Lauren has so many great tips because she has been practicing sustainability since she was a kid and then she really refined using their veggies to their fullest in college. She has amazing tips on repurposing stems, leaves and more with these tips on using your vegetables and fruits before you are tempted to throw them out.

  1. Properly Store Produce
    Best tips on how to store produce so it lasts longer! Lauren shares with us her rotating system for vegetables and fruits that includes when to put them in the refrigerator to preserve them for later use.
  2. Make Hummus and Dips
    Husband and kid proof using vegetables in your dips and hummus, like Lauren’s Roasted Cauliflower White Bean Hummus.
  3. Hide Vegetables In Sauces
    Another clever way to use your vegetables! Puree them into a sauce that everyone will love, like this Kale Pesto.
  4. Utilize Veggie Stems and Leaves in Salads or Pesto
    There are so many uses for stems and leaves like in Lauren’s salad with Turnip Greens.
  5. Oatmeal and Smoothies are Veggies and Fruits Best Friend
    Just because your leftover steamed squash or blackberries do not look the best for eating as is, don’t throw them out just yet! Use them in a smoothie or your oatmeal for a nutritional boost.
  6. Prep and Freeze
    Know what to freeze as is and what to blanch before freezing so you can use it later!
  7. When In Doubt, Make Jam
    Jam is much easier than you think! Make jams with leftover fruits (and even veggies!) then use them in breads or your oatmeal! Jam does not just have to be for toast.

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