Episode 28: How to Balance Your Hormones to Live with Vitality

A women’s cycle is the report card of her health and through restoring hormonal balance, we can remove stress and guilt from food, decrease PMS symptoms and live with vitality.

In this episode, Sarah talks with health and hormone balance coach, Dinara Mukh. This is a great episode full of educational information on women’s health and how balancing your hormones could be the key to losing weight and living with increased health and wellness.

Questions we Address about Hormonal Imbalance

  1. Why do women experience hormonal imbalance?
    Women experience hormonal imbalance primarily from these three things:
    -External and Internal Stress
    -Medication that Suppresses Vital Estrogen
    -Inflammatory Food
  2. Why is weight loss resistance for women 99% hormonal resistance?Because your hormones play such an important role in keeping your body balanced and functioning properly, any imbalance can get in the way of effective weight control.
  3. What are some tips on how we can balance our hormones naturally?
    Cycle syncing can bring your hormones back into balance. It can be a great way to track your cycle in relation to exercise, food and more.
  4. What is cycle syncing? 
    Cycle syncing is tracking and then altering your diet and exercise routine around different phases of your menstrual cycle to support your hormonal health.
  5. What are the four phases of women’s cycle?
    The four phases of the menstrual cycle are:
    -Menstruation Phase: your energy is low, slow down, eating warming foods with nutrients
    Follicular phase: this is the day that your period ends, hormones are low, you will feel energy and inspiration, this is often called your internal spring
    Ovulation: this is your internal summer, you are in peak state, you might want to eat lighter foods and you might experience an energized state
    Luteal phase: attention turns inward and you might feel like spending more time at home
  6. Does balancing your hormones decrease your PMS?
    PMS is actually not normal and is actually a sign of hormonal imbalance.

Connect with Dinara and Experience Health and Hormone Vitality

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