Episode 29: From Junk Food Mom To Nourished Vegan with Katy @ Learner Vegan


Enjoying food and having the body we want starts with breaking down old food beliefs, ditching junk food and breaking away from restrictive diet culture.

In this guest interview, I talk with Katy at Learner Vegan about how she is helping women ditch junk food, learn about nutrition and achieve positive body results.

How Katy Ditched the Junk and Lost 30 lbs.

After having her first child, Katy had tried it all to lose the baby weight from counting calories to fad diets. It wasn’t until she started to learn about nutrition and the benefits of a plant based vegan diet that the needle on the scale started to move down.

Katy was so inspired from her work with a plant based health coach to achieve these positive results that she decided to become a health coach and work with clients of her own to achieve similar results.

How You Can Ditch the Junk Food, Too

Katy had some great tips on how we can find food freedom by ditching our cravings for junk food and nourish our bodies. Here are some tips she shared with us:

  1. Don’t consider any food ‘off limits’
    Unlike a ‘fad’ diet, Katy doesn’t recommend labeling foods as ‘off-limits’ as that can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food and maybe even have us crave it more! For her, she is vegan, so that is the one principle that guides her.
  2. Do ditch foods that are heavily processed or contain ingredients you can’t pronounce.
    It’s amazing how fast your tastebuds do adjust to less sugary, less ‘processed’ foods! Katy advises limiting foods with bleached flours or foods from a packet or box.
  3. Don’t ‘beat yourself up’ if you do have to do take out or eat out.
    For most of us, it is not worth it to stress too much over the small things at a restaurant (i.e. what oil did they use?) and sometimes a change of plans may mean we have to get a take out meal to go.
  4. Do make food at home, but don’t think you will be spending all your time in the kitchen!
    Katy is a busy mom with two young kids and she relies on nutritious meals that take 20 minutes to make from start to finish! She also preps healthy snacks for 1 hour on the weekend.
    Check out this 15 minute chickpea recipe!
  5. Do read books on the scientific research on the benefits of a whole foods plant based diet
    Katy recommends Dr. Michael Gregor’s book How Not to Diet and How Not to Die. A plant based diet can give you the health + the body you want.

Connect with Katy to Learn More

Katy offers a 12 week coaching program to help women ditch the junk, stop restrictive dieting and find food freedom. Learn more on her website or join her Facebook group to connect with like minded community and stay on track!





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