Episode 30: Becoming a Contented Vegan with cookbook author Peggy Brusseau

From swapping shopping to not breaking a button over a two family meal, Peggy Brusseau, author of the new cookbook The Contented Vegan, shares with us both practical and reassuring advice on making the switch to a plant based diet!

In this episode, Sarah had the opportunity to interview food writer Peggy Brusseau about her new cookbook The Contented Vegan. Peggy shares with us her philosophy on what she considers the four pillars of good health for a plant based vegan, how those transitioning to a vegan diet can adopt the 80/20 rule and even tips on what to serve friends that stop over for the day!

Recipes and Philosophy from The Contented Vegan

Peggy has been a vegan for over 30 years and is often asked questions about how to transition to a vegan diet. In this interview about her new vegan cookbook, Peggy shares with us about the following:

  • The story behind what led her to explore veganism as a lifestyle and how she started to cook delicious plant based food
  • How to avoid becoming just a ‘white bread and jam’ vegan and adopt the four pillars of plant based health for a nutrient dense plant based diet full of variety
  • The power of the 80/20 rule for transitioning to a vegan diet – the 80/20 rule says that if 80% of your diet is already plant based, only 20% needs adjusting
  • How to adjust for a two meal family, be kind and allow the space for everyone to make their own decisions
    >>listen to our podcast on 10 Tips to Live with a Non Vegan Partner
  • Tips on what to feed your kids friends (or other family) who stop over for the day
    >>Learn all about swap shopping & how to not hover after setting out food for your teenage kids friends!
  • The type of recipes we can find in the book and what Peggy is currently eating right now!
    >>>The cookbook contains over 200 delicious recipes from breakfast to snacks, midweek suppers and even celebratory desserts!
Purchase a copy of this book on Amazon.

How to Connect with Peggy to Learn More

Website: https://www.peggybrusseau.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peggybrusseau/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Peggy-Brusseau-100247148746135

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