Episode 33: The Best Tips for a Vegan Mediterranean Diet with Amy Katz from Veggies Save the Day

The Mediterranean diet is more than just food, its about a lifestyle lived with purpose, community and loving others.

Have you wanted to start eating a Mediterranean diet but weren’t sure where to start? On this episode, Amy Katz, founder of the blog Veggies Save the Day, joins the podcast to tell us all about the lifestyle that has been rated #1 for four years in a row by US World and News Report.

What is the Vegan Mediterranean Diet?

In this episode, we go over all the best tips on how to live a Mediterranean lifestyle. We answer and talk about the following best tips to living a Mediterranean lifestyle:

  • What is a Mediterranean diet?
  • What is a Vegan Mediterranean diet?
  • The Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet
  • Why the Mediterranean Diet is a Lifestyle Change, Not Just a Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet vs. Mediterranean Food
  • Mediterranean Diet vs. Whole Food Plant Based Diet
  • How to Live Your Life through Mediterranean Lens (and still eat tacos!)

What to Eat on a Vegan Mediterranean Diet

Amy gave us some great tips when it comes to ‘what to eat’ on a plant based Mediterranean diet.

  • Breakfast Ideas
  • When to Eat Dessert
  • What Oils tare Best to Use

and more!

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