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Episode 37: And Then We All Got COVID

I don’t have it as a fear anymore…because we all got COVID.

In this episode, Joe and I give a behind the scenes peak into our whole family testing positive for COVID. It was a crazy 20 days (plus recovery!)

Our Whole Family Tested Positive for COVID

It’s true! We all got COVID in March. It was not fun and Joe and I were really sick! In this episode we go over the following:

  1. The timeline of when Joe was exposed to when he experienced symptoms
  2. Joe as ‘Foggy Brained’ parent and husband
  3. The timeline of when Sarah and I got it to when she was really, really sick
  4. How long it actually took us to feel better after our symptoms stopped
  5. What our kids experience with COVID looked like and their symptoms
  6. What we learned from getting COVID
  7. Our thoughts on getting the vaccine now that we had COVID
  8. Adding a new puppy and dealing with crazy weather while we were sick

March was a crazy month, but we made it! We would love to hear from you! Connect with us on social media:


  1. Debi Williams

    I don’t know anything about Spotify or iTunes. Can I listen somewhere else?

    • Hi! If you can click on the Spotify button you should be able to listen to it. It will open in a new tab with the web based spotify. Or if you look at the beginning of this post, their is an audio player embed where you can listen. 🙂

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