Episode 38: The Benefits of Medicinal Mushroom Extracts with Expert Jeff Chilton

Mushrooms should be thought of as preventative medicine because of their medicinal properties.

In this episode Sarah talks with mushroom expert Jeff Chilton. Jeff is the founder of Nammex, Nammex was founded in 1989 and is an industry leader in producing organic mushroom extracts. Jeff has spent his career studying and researching mushrooms and has even co-authored and published the classic, bestselling book on small-scale mushroom cultivation, The Mushroom Cultivator. Jeff is a mushroom advocate, educator and loves to spread the word about mushrooms as the ‘forgotten food’ that we all need in our diets to improve our immunity and health!

Mushrooms as Medicine

Jeff considers mushrooms preventive medicine and educates others on the importance of incorporating them into your diet. Here is what we talk about on the podcast:

  1. Jeff’s career path in the mushroom industry that led him to be the expert on mushroom supplements
  2. How mushrooms are grown – and why we shouldn’t worry about that ‘dirt’ on the mushroom cap
  3. The nutritional information of mushrooms – and why they are preventative medicine
  4. Why mushrooms are the perfect fungi
  5. The Beta Glucans in mushrooms that can help boost our immunity
  6. The fiber content of mushrooms
  7. How mushrooms can aid in Vitamin D product in our bodies naturally
  8. What to look for in a mushroom supplement and what to look out for!
  9. What should be included in a quality mushroom supplement
  10. The amount of mushroom supplement you should consider adding to your diet

This episode if full of educational information about mushrooms as medicine that you don’t want to miss!

Connect with Jeff Chilton

If you have more questions about mushrooms or want to purchase mushrooms, visit these links below:

Jeff: info@nammex.com
(wholesale) nammex.com
(online retail) realmushrooms.com

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