Episode 39: “Flipping” Our Relationship with Food with Karla Salinari

Food is fuel and we need to flip our relationship with food understand that what we put in our bodies matters.

Karla Salinari, the Latina Health Coach joins us on the podcast to talk about how to flip our relationship with food.

Food is fuel and we need understand that what we put in our bodies matters. Karla shares her own journey to educating herself about using food as fuel and now sharing that message with her community. She is on a mission to help others understand that food is not the enemy and that you don’t need to give up the food you love, you just need to learn to upgrade it – or in her words ‘flip it’! She also shares her perspective on how each of us has our own bio-individuality and how that applies to our plate. Each of us is unique and our food journey should be too!

What we talk about on the podcast:

  1. Karla’s health journey and what led her to become so passionate about health coaching
  2. How education about the ‘why’ behind food made her family more receptive to healthier swaps
  3. How we can protecting our immune system by making healthier choices
  4. Why we need to change our narrative around food so It is more receptive
  5. What is Bio-Individuality? – We are each unique and that is the same for food and what we eat
    (this is in opposition especially to diet culture)
  6. Why learning a holistic approach to your wellness is important
  7. How her one on one personalized coaching focuses on lifestyle change – because one size doesn’t fit all
  8. Flipbox – why she created it to break the cycle of unhealthy relationship with food and how education for future generations starts in the kitchen

Connect with Karla

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thelatinahealthcoach/
Website: https://karlasalinari.com/

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