Episode 4: Plant Based FAQ: Curb Your Hankering for Meat & Thanksgiving Roast Options


October FAQ for plant based beginners goes over what roast to serve at Thanksgiving and how to curb your craving for meat!

In this episode, Joe and I dive into some Facebook frequently asked questions for plant based beginners!

Plant Based Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a good plant based substitution for a roast that I can serve my family at Thanksgiving?

    Vegan Essentials Thanksgiving Foods
    Chickpea Nut Roast
    Mushroom Wellington
    Lentil Loaf
    Whole Roasted Cauliflower
  2. How do you curve a meat craving?

    Use seasonings such as Montreal Steak seasoning to add ‘meaty’ flavor. Make this recipe for a black bean burger that uses ‘steak seasoning for delicious flavor!
  3. What do I do with artichoke hearts?

    Use in our spaghetti squash recipe or chop up for a salad, wrap or sandwich.
  4. What are some vegan fast food options?

    Subway, Taco Bell, Chipotles, Burger King to name a few!
  5. I need easy recipes!

    Download our 5 Plant Based Meatless Mains for some great easy, family friendly options.
  6. I need plant based recipes for kids!

    Our red lentil sloppy joes are a favorite with our kids. Other favorites include french fries, mashed potatoes and many vegan bread or muffin ideas.

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