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Episode 40: How to Savor Your Kitchen with Danielle Christy


Danielle is teaching busy families how to savor kitchen time and enjoy family dinners that build memories, connection and conversation through simple, approachable tips that focus on counting the colors on your plate vs. the calories.

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, but sometimes it can get messy both literally and figuratively when life gets stressful! Danielle Christy, founder of Savor the Kitchen, joins the podcast to talk about how to make kitchen time more enjoyable, how to get your kids involved in eating the rainbow and why adding more colors to your plate adds more colors to your life.

Danielle shares with us her own journey of health as well and why she thinks eating around the table as a family is SO IMPORTANT! (I agree). From learning how to cook healthy meals your family actually wants to eats and how to stock your pantry and fridge so that everyone is reaching for a ‘better’ snack and even creating easy meals is doable and Danielle has the tips to show us the way!

How to Make Mealtime Less Stressful and More Memorable

The meaning of the word savor is more than just ‘savoring’ our food! Dinnertime does not have to be complicate with these actionable tips.

  1. Savor
    +Savor doesn’t mean you need to churn out gourmet meals, it does mean, though, you need to enjoy your food!
    +Get back to the basics
    +Keep an inventory of what you have on hand (your grab and go, tried and true meal ideas!)
  2. Approachable
    +Kitchen time does not have to be complicated – cook it once, eat it twice!
    +Meal Prep Sauces (freeze in ice cube trays for easy flavor add-ins)
    +What are the nutrients in what you are snacking on? Food is fuel!
  3. Variety
    +Variety really is the spice of life but sometimes with kids it can feel like you eat the same thing over and over again – here are some tips:
    a. Get your kids involved in the kitchen with prep, shopping etc.
    b. Use the five senses with your kids touch, see, hear, smell and taste with food (i.e. a carrot is orange, smooth, crunchy when you bite it, smells somewhat sweet and tastes sweet!)
    c. Make an eat the rainbow color chain
    d. Talk positive about vegetables (kids are always listening!)
  4. Organized
    + Streamline healthy meals by have designated kitchen zones
    +Organization helps with kitchen confidence
    +When you open your fridge you should be excited! What you see all the time is what you start to crave!
  5. Recipes
    + Have recipe templates that you can mix and match (example: soup: broth, aromatics, veggies)
    +Introduce new foods with ‘old foods’ (combining new foods with tried and true foods)

Connect with Danielle to Start Savoring Your Kitchen

Work with Danielle to learn how to meal plan, how to build back the love of cooking (or start enjoying it!) and most of all how to enjoy family dinners that build memories, connection and conversation! Danielle also offers cooking lessons and demos.


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