Episode 42: What is Wellness Anyways? Erica, Live Thrive Grow

“Wellness is the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.” – Global Institute of Wellness

On this episode, Sarah talks with Erica Merrill, health coach and certified personal trainer about the definition of wellness. Erica, was also featured on Episode 10, so check that to learn about healthy weight management during the holidays.

Erica shares with us the subjective measures we need to think about when starting a new health journey – whether that be a new fitness or nutritional change and how those subject measures can actually be what fuels us to stay on our new wellness journey long term. Erica also shares with us how action can actually fuel our motivation (not the other way around!) and how it can have the snowball effect of leading us to true change. We go over how SMART goals apply to wellness and how looking back can help you move forward. 

The Pursuit of Wellness

Is wellness different than well being? Is wellness just fitness and what we eat? It’s much more than that! Wellness actually has 7 dimensions but don’t worry, it’s not complicated. All you do need is some action to spur your motivation. Erica, shares with us how to pursue wellness and gives us a glimpse of what she teaches her students in her Fit 4 Change program.

Here is what we talk about on the episode:

  1. Erica’s personal journey on the path to wellness
  2. How 3 subjective measures have a longer lasting impact on staying healthy
  3. The shortsightedness of most weight loss programs
  4. Action before motivation can lead to a snowball effect
  5. SMART goals do apply to your fitness routine
    *read James Clear Atomic Habits to learn more about creating clear goals
  6. The active pursuit of wellness
  7. How looking back to look forward can really help you define where you want to go
  8. Letting go of a negative mindset/limiting belife

Connect with Erica

Learn all about Fit 4 Change which just doesn’t focus on fitness and nutrition (although those are included too!) but looks holistically at the impact that making lasting changes can do for your health!




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