Episode 43: Food is Information for Your Body: Don’t Misinform It

“Diet is super important and is one of the biggest leverages in peoples health. It’s important to get the information right.”

Dr. Aaron Hartman, MD, joins the podcast today to talk about how food is information for our body. Dr. Aaron is board certified in family medicine and integrative and holistic medicine. He is also a published clinical researcher and currently practices functional medicine at Richmond Integrative & Functional medicine where he is empowering his patients with the information and resources they need to harness their own bodies power to heal.

Food is Medicine, Food is Information

Dr. Aaron started his journey with functional medicine when he and his wife adopted their first child who had CP.
Instead of settling for surgeries and traditional methods they continued to dig for answers and alternatives to help her grow and thrive. They followed their intuition and now their daughter has never had surgery and can walk with crutches and continues to progress at age 15. Dr. Aaron credits his daughter with getting him started on the road of integrative medicine and now he has had O\over 1000 people come through his functional medicine clinic.

On the podcast we go over:

  1. What is functional medicine vs traditional medicine?
  2. The pillars of functional medicine and how they set the ‘foundation’ for health
  3. Food trends and how we can use history and our environment to interrupt the trends
  4. Postbiotics – definition and how that is different than prebiotics and probiotics
  5. Processed food – even on the outer edges of the grocery store!
  6. The complexity of food and how it changes via processing and its effects on our health

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