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Episode 9: The Best Dairy Free Cheesy Sauce

The mission of Core and Rind is to disrupt the middle aisle of the grocery store with a product that is healthy + shelf stable.

In this episode of the podcast, Sarah talks with Candi and Rita, founders of Core and Rind about how they started their cheesy sauce brand, what inspired them to create a dairy free cheese sauce and how they use cheesy sauce.

Fulfilling a Dairy Free Cheesy Sauce Gap in the Marketplace

After college, Candi and Rita both found themselves on a health journey that was very similar and this led them to both attending The Academy of Culinary Nutrition. It was here that they first started brainstorming what products they could bring to the market that would fulfill the need of those seeking similar wellness journeys.

After many product tries at local farmers markets in St. Louis, Missouri, they landed on a winner – dairy free cheesy sauce! The response was amazing and they knew they had landed on a gap in the marketplace – to provide a dairy free cheesy sauce that was full of whole ingredients yet shelf stable.

The Path to Creating a Product that Disrupts the Middle Aisle of the Grocery Store

After the initial foray at the farmers markets, Candi and Rita spend many hours in the test kitchen and it would not be until a year and a half later that they would unveil the dairy free cheesy sauce as we now know it!

Core and Rind cheesy sauce is made from whole food ingredients, is clean label and shelf stable. And the best part – it tastes amazing! This is cheesy sauce you can feel good about putting in your body because it is made from whole ingredients that you can pronounce.

This dairy free sauce is great for many dietary lifestyles including: Paleo, Whole 30, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian and Plant Based. This is a great versatile sauce to always have on hand for both yourself and any guest that might stop over or come to a holiday dinner.

Where to Buy Core and Rind

You can find Core and Rind at Whole Foods Midwest market locations, Thrive Market and many boutique supermarkets. We think the best way is to buy it directly from them on their website. Use code badtothebowl for a 15% discount.

Also be sure to check out their recipe section! We will be contributing regularly to the recipes on the site and they have founders favorites such as:

Remember to use code badtothebowl for 15% off~

Connect with Core and Rind:

Website: https://coreandrind.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coreandrind/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coreandrind

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