If you landed here, you are either
already plant based, plant curious or just looking for
new dinner ideas that are healthy.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other.     

Sarah Hayes

I am a busy mom with a family to feed all while being a mom taxi, working full time and trying to maintain my sanity. I need either quick meals or meal prep ideas that are healthy, easy to make and don’t require hours in the kitchen, if that sounds like you, you landed on the right plant based food blog. 

A Plant Based Diet Helped Fight Inflammation. 

While I have always been a ‘healthy eater’, I have not always been plant based. That all changed 6 years ago when I had a car accident. I was taking multiple ibuprofen daily to stop the headaches from a neck injury; I knew I couldn’t do that forever so something had to change! Inflammation was giving my body a fight, but I was not one to give up. I had always believed in the power of food. Growing up, I had witnessed my own mother struggling with Parkinson’s disease but she had actually been able to cope with it naturally for years through a healthy diet and exercise. I had witnessed first hand as a kid how the power of food could impact you from the inside out. I knew there was a way to combat inflammation and that was through my diet. I gave up gluten first, then dairy, then 3 years ago in January of 2017, I went 100%  plant based. It may have looked to some like I gave up meat and dairy overnight, but it was a gradual progression. And while going plant based wasn’t a miracle overnight, as I reduced inflammatory foods, my own body began to heal.

Three months into my plant based journey, my headaches started to ease – they didn’t go away entirely but I was able to ditch the daily ibuprofen. I knew plant based worked and wanted to share it with everyone! 

FAQ’s: Plant Based Diet

I quickly found out there is a lot of pushback to going plant based! Here are questions I have been asked:

  • What are considered plant based foods? 
  • Is plant based different from vegan? 
  • Do your husband and kids eat plant based?
  • Do you miss meat? Do you miss cheese? 
  • Where do you get your protein? 
  • Do you only eat rabbit food?
  • How much does eating plant based cost? 

Plant based has picked up more attention in the media recently but that just means there are even more questions about this lifestyle! As someone who has successfully transitioned and thrived on eating this way – I can help you eat more plant based and it can be more than just rabbit food. Whether it’s one meatless meal a week or a lifetime of meatless mains, all you need to do is take one step at a time. When you incorporate more whole foods that are plant based into your diet, your body will begin to crave them. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. 

Plant based eating can be for everyone; it will make you feel great, give you more energy and it can start with just one meal at a time. Stick around, you got this!