The Gal Behind the Bowl

Meet Sarah

Although a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast, it wasn’t until after having my son in 2009 that I really started to be aware of how much junk and processed food were at the grocery store! Blessed with a husband, who is willing to try any food and my quest that over – processed, sugary food was not going to define our lifestyle we joined a local CSA and to learn more about how our food is grown and try to keep our eating as local as possible! Now in Michigan, eating fresh is a little easier in the the summer than winter, so to balance that out, I began to can and freeze vegetables, fruit, salsa…

Fast forward a few years, my life is a little busier with two elementary aged kids and working full time (account manager / digital marketer by day at 21 Handshake and freelancer with Enneagram with Emily), so the canning may have subsided but the focus to ‘eat clean’ has not! My mantra as always been – ‘you have to do what works for you and for your family’…so what works for me?

  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Whole Food Plant – Based
  • Vega One for my morning smoothie
  • Superfoods when the mood strikes
  • Red Wine Fan
  • Always on a journey to learn more!

A question I always get is – does your family eat the same as you? And no they do not all the time. My son is a vegetarian by choice and my husband and daughter eat a variety of different foods – again by choice. Remember my mantra of ‘you have to do what works for you and your family’ – well that is what we preach and practice and it’s a good thing I love to cook from scratch! So armed with that belief and the belief of living by example, my kids are curious and will try some vegetables or tofu and they darn well know the name of all vegetables and are familiar with food choices and lifestyles. My husband, the saint that he is, has embraced kale and loves veggies, but I know secretly he is glad the kids still want pasta and pizza.

Meet My Family

Hi! We’re the Hayes family. We love to consume yummy food, so we are glad our mom puts so much effort into creating meals we enjoy! – and as our poppie says, ‘you’re a good cooker and a good looker’ – well that pretty much sums up how we feel about our mom.

While not all of us are plant based in the family, we enjoy that mom lets us discover our own food personality while still guiding us to make healthy choices.

Hubby enjoy spending time on our small lake, yard work and working on his vintage ’79 Chevy Camaro. Basically, anytime he gets to spend outside – even when it is negative -0F he is happy.

My son is elementary aged and loves reading and playing the piano. He committed to going vegetarian this year and I am proud that he made this significant food choice. Although if asked his favorite food, I am sure it range anywhere from mashed potatoes to ice cream.

Our youngest daughter is elementary aged as well and enjoys cheerleading, playing Barbies and chilling in front of a good movie. Her favorite food is guacamole!

As for me, I work full time as an account manager at a digital marketing agency in West Michigan and then freelance for businesses when I feel like our values align and I can help them experience growth! I enjoy learning new things and starting a food blog was born out of a passion for cooking and serving others with food – my whole life!

Where Did Rachel Go?
She’s still here but on hiatus!

Rachel is currently a junior at UNC Greensboro where she is studying to be a dietician. She is still both making and eating vegan food but due to limited time has took a step back from posting on the blog.

If you are in the Greensboro area be sure to check out one of her fitness classes! She is a certified personal trainer and Body Pump instructor.

Follow her as she navigates college life @rachhoman on Instagram.