Welcome to the Bowl of Life Podcast


The Bowl of Life podcast talks about Food, Faith and Family and how those three things impact our life everyday.

Welcome once again Bowl of Life Podcast! We are excited to launch this podcast and talk about food, faith and family and how they impact our lives daily. 

When I started thinking about this podcast, I knew I wanted it to encompass more than just food…don’t get me wrong as a food blog business owner, I LOVE to talk about food. BUT I also love to talk about family and faith. And I LOVE that my husband, my right arm, seriously, I don’t want to sound all girly or cheesy, but he completes me and agreed to be my co host on this podcast! Together, we are a team and we believe that food, faith and family impact our family lives every day! WHY?

Food. We have to consume it to live. Either we make it out of necessity…like hunger or we consume it mindlessly but regardless we spend hours in the kitchen making it or driving around buying it. Some people consume food because they love it, others – even my close family members – just hate to cook it.  I am not sure anyone in my Joe’s family hates to cook though ha!!! We are all different. Some people eventually realize how food impacts how it makes them feel daily. …and we will dive into that on this podcast! I am 100% plant based, Joe is a plant lover who dabbles in plant based, but on this podcast we will talk not only eating more plants, but being a healthier version on you!!  Our belief is that everyone has their own food journey and needs to find ideally what works for them. 

Faith.What do we really have faith in?  What part of us wants to have faith or need faith?  Do we all inherently know we are unable to navigate this life on our own and need a faith in something bigger than us?  We are both Christians – we strive to LISTEN to what God has for our life and we both find all sorts of nudges and intuitions that come ort way that can only be described as God moments. We have run from God, we have came back to God…but all along this faith journey, we knew without a doubt that we believed in a higher power. We don’t subscribe to the Christianity that just blindly believes though, we question things daily. We cry out in anger. We ask WHY?! Alot. BUT At the end of the day we know who we believe in though and we know he has a plan for us. Faith impacts who we are every day. And in a way, it has impacted our food journey, made us realize we need to more compassionate and environmentally friendly and aware not just for ourselves but our children and generations to come. 

Family. How can this podcast not be about family? I am a wife. Joe is a husband. I am a mom. Joe is Dad. I am a daughter. I am a sister. Joe is a son, a brother. We have friends. And friends are family. Family has impacted our life in a HUGE way. We have always tried to figure this family thing out. WE have gained family, we have lost family. We have pushed family away, they have welcomed us back. I have been a challenger, I have been a peacemaker. I have shown true colors. I am a mom and learning along the way. Joe has been steadfast. He has pushed, he has listened. He has been a rock. 

We will talk about all of this on the Bowl of Life podcast! We will also have guest interviews with other food bloggers, business owners, good friends or family that challenge us to think about what we eat, how we family and what deep faith means to us. 

Thank you for joining along!

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