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Welcome to the Bowl of Life Podcast

The Bowl of Life podcast talks about Food, Faith and Family and how those three things impact our life everyday.

We just wanted to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves and thank you for listening to the Bowl of Life podcast! 

We started this podcast as a way of sharing with you tips on both how and why to eat more plants, to answer plant based frequently asked questions and to discuss health and wellness tips we have learned along the way in our plant forward journey.

On this podcast we will also share interviews with registered dieticians, nutritionists, entrepreneurs and small business owners that we feel are making a difference in either their positive food and body image messaging in the wellness space or that are offering products that are more sustainable, environmentally friendly or plant based. 

We believe that the environment around us was designed by our Heavenly father and it is up to us to be good stewards of this planet! Being plant forward is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to living a more sustainable life that we can enjoy for generations to come. 

We hold strongly to the truth that we are all created equal and consider that there is inherent goodness and kindness in each of us. We advocate to be kind not only to each other but to all other living beings.

Sarah has been plant based for four years and being plant based not only helped my inflammation issues but also curbed my sugar cravings and changed my palate to be plant forward – it feels funny to say it, but my body craves whole foods…and being plant based has also helped me to listen to my body! To listen for when certain foods make it feel a little off or even when to give into loads of guac or a plant based faux burger! I believe that health matters and that being plant forward can miraculously change your food beliefs and improve your health. 

Joe believes in being plant forward and has always enjoyed vegetables from the garden ever since he was a kid! I think that taking care of our earth includes focusing on what goes into our bodies through the food we eat and also how that food was grown. How we take care of our natural environment is important to me as well as spending time outside in nature. I feel better when I eat plant forward and can incorporate all types of vegetables and fruits into my diet! After all… it is true what they say…we are what we eat! 

This is the Bowl of Life podcast and we can’t wait to hear more about your plant forward journey!

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