Salad Bowl

Thai Salad with Miso Peanut Dressing


  Anyone else when they hear the word Miso – want to say ‘Mi-so this, Mi-so that’?   Okay, just me. And yes, I am okay with my quirky sense of humor. (LOL) This is one of the recipes that you can pull together with staples in your fridge. Because […]

Spicy Sweet Taco Bowl


  A little spicy, a little sweet – you will love what is going on with the flavor in this taco bowl! I have mentioned before that Sunday in our house is taco day vs. the #tacotuesday trend that is happening all over the social space. At first, I thought […]

Lemon Herbed Pesto Salad


  I am the salad girl at our extended family holiday meals. While yes, this is a name I dubbed for myself – it is totally true. I am always asked to bring a salad. This started even before my husband and I were married. I married into a family […]