Veggie Bean Burger Bowl


  I am not sure a veggie bean burger is really that pretty to look at…BUT that is all in the eye of the beholder (I am sure some would say that knowing how good it is for you, makes it beautiful!). This veggie bean burger is loaded with good […]

Spicy Potato Wedges


 Spicy potato wedges are the perfect Fri-yay celebratory treat!   Who else loves fries? (right, who doesn’t would be the real question!) Fries go perfect in a bowl. Here me out! You can chop them up and mix them in or if you want leave them to the side and […]

Oven Roasted Veggie Bowl Prep


    For busy weeks, prepping your over roasted veggie bowl on Sunday can be a lifesaver! Use these roasted veggies all through the week to make simple bowl combinations, re-roast them with kale to put a different spin on them or saute them in a pan with some spinach. […]