Raw Generation Low Sugar Juice Cleanse

A juice cleanse is a great chance to give your digestion system a reset! Here is my review of the Raw Generation Low Sugar Juice Cleanse.

Juices in Raw Generation Low Sugar Juice Cleanse

Let me preface this by first stating that juice cleanses are always an interesting experience for me to do! I love eating on a routine schedule and to eat whole food plant based, which is already a really ‘clean’ way to eat.

Every now and then though, all the fibrous foods in a whole foods plant based diet start to catch up to me and then I realize it’s time to give my digestion system a break. A juice cleanse is a great outlet to do that!

This recent Raw Generation low sugar juice cleanse experience was brought on by me needing to cleanse out some flax seeds from my system! Small seeds bother me…but I tend to forget that and will pick up some granola with unground seeds and OH!!! The pain my stomach goes through trying to digest those little seeds is well…awful. (if you can digest seeds, I am so jealous!)

Enter in the Raw Generation cleanse! To be completely honest, a one day juice fast for me is quite enough…I learned that when I did the cleanse from Juice from the Raw: 3 Day Juice Soup Cleanse Review so whereas this Raw Generation Low Sugar Juice cleanse contains juices for 3 days, I opted to do it for one day and save the other 2 days for another time. Here are the juices I drank in one day + one immunity shot (which they graciously sent me as a sample):

  • Vanilla Cashew
  • Fresh Greens
  • Herbal Citrus
  • Zesty Greens
  • Cool Kiwi
  • Cacao Hemp
    Plus the Immunity Shot (which was sent as a sample and may or may not be included in future orders)
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Pros and Cons of Juices in Low Sugar Juice Cleanse

This skinny juice cleanse contained 4 juices and 2 smoothies and is considered a lower sugar juice cleanse. According to Raw Generation their Lower Sugar Juice Cleanse has 64g of sugar as compared to 164g in other leading juice cleanses. The sugar is naturally occurring from fruits and vegetables.

The juices in this cleanse are all raw, cold-pressed juices that are nutrient dense and the plant-based smoothies are packed with protein. This cleanse is a great way to reset and reboot your diet! These juices come flash frozen which locks in the nutrients and enzymes + allows you to drink them at your convenience. That is the one major difference between Pressed Juicery Full Day Juice Cleanse and this one. Pressed Juicery juices all arrive ready to drink – not frozen. There are pros and cons to your juices and smoothies arriving frozen vs. not frozen.

The pros of arriving frozen include you can place them in the freezer and use as needed! This is exactly what I did. I opted to use my low sugar cleanse for one day vs. the three day of juices that come in the cleanse. Another pro could be if you just want to drink a juice one at at time as more of a nutrient boost for the day vs. a cleanse.

Cons include that they take a bit longer to thaw! My juices took over 24 hours to thaw in the fridge and some were still icy when I took them out to drink. From a fresh standpoint, I do think juices that are not frozen taste a bit more fresh when drinking them.

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Here is my review of each juice I drank in the low sugar cleanse! There are not hard or fast rules for the order in drinking the Raw Generation cleanses. I started my day with a protein smoothie as I had just completed a workout and then ended my day with a plant based protein smoothie to curb any hunger cravings for the remaining of the night or while I slept.

  • Vanilla Cashew Plant Based Protein Smoothie: I loved how creamy this smoothie was to drink! The flavors balanced nicely and the hint of cinnamon complemented the vanilla and dates. This smoothie has 11 g of sugar with no added sugars.
  • Fresh Greens: I have mentioned in other juice cleanse reviews that the greens drinks are my favorite and this one in the Raw Generation cleanse did not disappoint! Cucumber, green apple, spinach, kale, lemon and parsley all balanced together well with no ingredients out powering the others. This has 9 g sugar with no added sugar.
  • Herbal Citrus: This was another one I really enjoyed! Orange, cucumber, lime, sage and mint combined for a really refreshing taste that I could have kept drinking! This has 11 g sugar with no added sugar.
  • Zesty Greens: This juice I was most nervous to drink! I was not sure if I would care for zesty, as the only zesty drinks I have had in the past included V8 which I do not like. I have to say though, I was pleasantly surprised. While there was a hint of zest from the bell pepper, it was not off putting and balanced nicely with the cucumber, celery, green apple, lemon and cilantro. It did take me longer to drink this one though because of the slight zest. My husband who loves zesty tomato juice is very excited to try the remaining zesty greens juices in the freezer! This has 9 g added sugar with no added sugar.
  • Cool Kiwi: I am not a huge ginger fan in juice, so when I noticed that on the label it gave me a pause, but the flavor was not overpowering. It was just a very slight ginger taste that played well with the other flavors of kiwi, cucumber, romaine, green apple and lime. This has 9 g of sugar with no added sugars.
  • Cacao Hemp: The other plant based smoothie was equally as delicious as the vanilla one! It had 15 g sugar with no added sugars.

    The ginger turmeric immunity boost was interesting! I was thankful for its small size as ginger + turmeric are very spicy and have a zing to them. I was pleasantly surprised that the apple and lemon juices that are added to it, do help tone down the zing.

How I Felt on a Low Sugar Juice Cleanse

As I mentioned before, I opted to do this Raw Generation cleanse for only 1 day. Doing a juice cleanse is a personal decision that I feel each individual needs to make for themselves. Also, a person will need to decide their goal for even doing a juice cleanse. My goal is always to just reset my digestion system OR clear toxins from my body. You might choose to do a juice cleanse for those reasons or you might want to do a juice cleanse to jumpstart your resolution to eat healthier or lose weight. Whatever your goal is, I definitely recommend taking a moment to get your mindset right! The right mindset will be key in sticking to your cleanse throughout the day if hunger strikes.

Another tip is to choose a day where you will be busy! I chose a day when I knew I would have a lot of zoom meetings and I would be busy being a mom taxi (i.e. my kids had a lot of activities where I would just be in the car driving). This helps me not focus so much on what I am not eating!

I actually felt really great on this cleanse from Raw Generation. Drinking the protein smoothie in the morning kept me full for a few hours and then around mid morning, I drank the fresh greens juice for some hydration. I followed that up at noon with the herbal citrus and then mid afternoon I drank the zesty greens!

I did not start to feel really hungry until I smelled my kids dinner and then I also felt a little weak in my legs as well. I quickly drank the cool kiwi which helped me take my focus off the food I was not eating. I almost did have a few almonds in the early evening, but instead waited an hour and drank the cacao hemp. Drinking the cacao hemp, which is more calorie dense, gave me energy and a small sense of fullness, which carried me through the rest of the evening – no almond snacking needed!

Final Recap of the Raw Generation Juice Cleanse

Sometimes with cleanses, there will be some juices that I really really dislike. This was not the case with the Raw Generation Low Sugar Juice Cleanse. I really did like each of the juices – even the zesty one!

If you have any other questions about a juice cleanse, I would love to answer them for me. Reach out to me on any social media channel @badtothebowl and I would love to hear from you!

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