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15 Vegan Ice Cream Treats for Summer

I have always loved ice cream and this best of vegan ice cream list is topping my favorite recipe round up ever right now. So many drool worthy dairy free ice cream treats!

Ice cream is my favorite treat hands down! When I was little, a trip to Dairy Queen was always at the top of my list – and not just during summer, I was a year round fan. Give me that DQ Blizzard with all the toppings whipped in and then handed to you upside down because it was so thick and creamy – pure bliss.

When I started to investigate dairy and sinus issues a few years ago, though, I quickly learned that dairy and sinus issues don’t mix well. I was heartbroken! I knew though that I didn’t want to keep dealing with drainage issues so I needed to give up dairy – including ice cream. Because honestly, it was getting so annoying hacking up drainage every time I ate ice cream.

I adopted living a free dairy life and actually that was my first step in living a plant based lifestyle. At the time I gave up dairy, there were not a lot of good dairy free ice creams on the market. But, oh how a years change things! Now there are many mainstream brands such as Breyer’s and Ben and Jerry’s who produce dairy free ice creams. Also, many smaller brands such as Halo Top, Nada Moo and So Delicious.

All these dairy free grocery brands can all be a little pricey and usually they contain some unusual ingredients (like all processed foods do).

That is why I asked my favorite Vegan Blogger group on Facebook what their favorite homemade vegan dairy free ice cream recipes were – and they came out in full force. Guess I am not the only one with a passion for a frozen dessert! Last year, I even got to review a cookbook featuring all dairy free ice cream treats. This chocolate pudding dairy free ice cream is on repeat right now in my ice cream maker. Grab the recipe here!

Chocolate Pudding Vegan Ice Cream-6

Let’s grab a spoon and dig in!

You only need 5 ingredients to make these super easy banana peanut butter ice cream bars. Rich, creamy, caramel tasting and mostly fruit make these healthy too. Get the recipe from A Virtual Vegan here.

Raw vegan ice cream sandwiches from Rebecca at Strength and Sunshine are an allergy friendly makeover of a kid favorite! Grab the recipe here.

Melissa, from My Whole Food Life, whips up this creamy 4 ingredient nice cream that is full of chocolate almond taste. Make the recipe here.

This vegan nice cream from Fragrant Vanilla Cake has a secret ingredient that ensures it stays soft – bourbon! A rich banana nice cream topped the plant based caramel makes for a super summer treat. Grab the recipe here.

Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen says this is great for breakfast, after dinner or a snack and we agree! Light and creamy, all you need is cherries, frozen bananas and dairy free chocolate chips. Make the recipe here.

The gals at Veganosity bring us this summery, light sorbet that has no added sugar! Pineapple, coconut milk and pineapple gives this all the tropical feels. Make it here.

Reminiscent of a childhood favorite, make these dairy free and gluten free creamy, crumbly, tart and sweet ice cream bars for your kiddos this summer from Vegan Huggs! Grab the popsicle recipe here.

You need to try sweet potato in your vegan ice cream! Rhian’s recipes shows us how creamy it makes chocolate nice cream in this delicious dairy free treat. Grab this chocolatel-y delight here.

If a layered ice cream summertime dessert is a must to feed the crowd in your house, you need this icebox dessert from Veggie Inspired. Mint, creamy and who can resist a brownie crust? Make the recipe here.

Happy Healthy Mama brings us this dairy free strawberry ice cream that is only 3 ingredients. If avoiding honey, substitute agave nectar. No ice cream machine needed for this creamy treat. Make it here.

Unconventional Baker brings us these light nice cream sandwiches! Audrey admits these can be a tiny bit of work to make, but the effort is so rewarding. Follow all her directions, though, and you will have no problem. Ready to make them? Grab the recipe here.

Adult dessert lovers rejoice! This boozy nice cream from Craving Something Healthy is for you. Instant coffee and Irish cream liqueur (use Bailey’s vegan version) make this summertime treat fantastic. Make the recipe here to celebrate the lazy hazy days of summertime!

Using pre-made snickerdoodle cookies from Enjoy Life, makes this snickerdoodle dairy free ice cream a breeze! My Darling Vegan, combines coconut milk, sugar and cinnamon to make this delicious frozen treat. Make it here.

Fried Dandelions makes this Almond Joy Ice Cream for her family. It tastes like a Almond Joy/Mounds candy bar – but is healthier and dairy free! Make this vegan treat here.

The Vegan 8 brings us these fabulous treats that are only 6 ingredients. Vegan, dairy-free, soy-free and nut-free ice cream – and the best part no ice cream maker needed! . Make these fudgy treats here.

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