Vegan Thanksgiving: Soups, Salads and Sides

Is Thanksgiving really about the main dish? Or is is about the sides? I think the sides totally steal the show. They are more than just the supporting, sides…they make the main dish shine. Or in my case sometimes, I will just take all the sides. This is a huge reason I absolutely love this vegan Thanksgiving recipe roundup! It features all soups, salads and sides perfect for a Vegan Thanksgiving dinner.
Seems like growing up, I recall a restaurant – I think it was called Boston Market…
I am pretty sure they had a menu item, called ‘Just the Sides’.
Well this post is giving those sides their time in the spotlight because we have a recipe round-up featuring not just 1 or 2 sides – but 25 Vegan Soups, Sides and Salads that are perfect for your Thanksgiving table! And be sure to check our 12 Vegan Dessert Thanksgiving round up as well!
Or any upcoming holiday table, really. Because, that is what we are spiraling into! Many tables filled with delicious food now until the end of the year.
So, get ready to wow both your carnivore and plant based friends alike with these delicious creations from an awesome group of plant based bloggers!
Dairy Free Soups

Butternut Squash Curry Soup

Creamy Coconut Curried Butternut Squash Soup from our blog is full of sweet and savory tastes with a vegan cilantro sour cream swirl on top!

A classic comfort to serve to guests that will warm them up for the rest of the meal! Sam at Ahead of Thyme delights us with this roasted version of Butternut soup – and of course it features the spice thyme!

How cute is this soup when served in small pumpkins? So festive! But if that seems intimidating – it is totally optional to serve them that way, it will still be super yummy. I love that this soup features just not one squash – but three different squash varieties are roasted and then combined for an explosion of both taste and texture! Thanks Elena at Happy Kitchen Rocks for this both visually appealing and tasty fall recipe.
Plant Based Salads

An impressive salad from Rhian’s Recipes that is an explosion of taste and texture! Seasonal apples and figs add sweet while walnuts add crunch. Everyone is sure to love this touch of green on the table.

This is a perfect seasonal salad to serve for the holidays! Melanie at The Virtual Vegan pairs this fresh salad with an orange cinnamon dressing that adds warmth to this shredded sprouts salad.

Think your dinner guests don’t like kale? Think again! They will love this kale salad by Karissa’s Vegan Kitchen paired with cranberries and quinoa. An apple sage dressing adds a seasonal flair.

This brussel sprouts salad is raw which is perfect for saving some room in the oven! Amy at Veggies Save the Day gives us this simple salad that will brighten up your holiday table.

Amber of Quite Good Foodpairs this seasonal salad with a herb dressing that has a subtle spicy kick balancing nicely with the sweet pomegranate! Guests will be asking for seconds on this salad, so be sure to make enough for everyone!

This salad from Namely Marly is the perfect dish to bring to the Thanksgiving family potluck! Everyone will love the familiar layered salad that is both a crowd pleaser for you and your non – vegan extended family.

Vicky from Avocado Pesto gives us this wild rice salad that is perfect for your Thanksgiving table! Lemon adds a nice light touch while walnuts give us a crunch in this salad that is both vegan and gluten free.
Vegan Side Dishes

Who says you need lots of dairy for creamy mashed potatoes? Not Kathy at Happy, Healthy Life.comwho gives us a mashed potato dish that can be served 4 different ways! The only hard choice will be which ‘flavor’ to make on Thanksgiving!

Cranberry lovers rejoice! Jennifer at Veggie Inspired brings us this this sweet, tangy homemade sauce – no can opener required! Once you see how easy it is to go homemade you will never buy it from a can again.

Alexis at Hummusapiansaves the day (okay at least mine, as I am in charge of green beans this year) or rather the green beans from that canned mushy sauce with this fresh, inspired casserole that is reminiscent of that unhealthy dish…Make an extra batch of the crispy onions as you will want to eat the first batch right out of the oven!

Gravy lovers rejoice – this low carb cauliflower mash from Nick at Serving Realness is creamy and topped with an out of this world mushroom gravy!

You will be in heaven with this dish from Sina at Vegan Heaven! Both festive and tasty, it not only looks great on the table it tastes amazing.

Aimee at Wallflower Kitchen brings us this wonderful side that is perfect when you want to serve a potato side dish but don’t want something mashed! Balsamic adds a nice depth to the dish that pairs well with your other sides.

Oil free, gluten free, vegan and full of flavor! That is what you get when you make this side stuffing dish from Annie at Veg Annie.

Stuffed squash always makes for a delightful presentation and this one from Bianca’s Elephantastic Vegan kitchen is no exception! This one gets its flavor depth from smoky tofu and mushrooms.

Roasted vegetables are a must in our house and this recipe from Kari at Beautiful Ingredient takes your roasted vegetables from plain to amazing when paired with this white bean puree.

Rosie from The Hungry Herbivores brings us this mouthwatering Sweet Potato Pie that adds Thanksgiving sweetness with maple and pecans.

Abbey’s Kitchen delights the tastebuds with this baked acorn squash that is stuffed with all types of Thanksgiving goodness!

Sarah from My Darling Vegan pairs maple and balsamic with roasted brussel sprouts for a delicious Thanksgiving side dish! Hazelnuts add a crunch and rosemary a seasonal spice perfect for celebrating harvest season.

Both little hands and grown ups will love this fritter dish from Kelly at Taste Page! Also would make a great dish to use your leftover sweet potato spuds.

Green Evi stuffs sweet potatoes with Kale, Cranberry and Walnuts for a wonderful side dish that pairs well with all your Thanksgiving dishes!

Sarah at Vegan Chickpea delivers these mini cakes that could be a main or side dish at your Thanksgiving feast. With a mix of veggies, beans, nuts and breadcrumbs on the bottom and potatoes on tops everyone is sure to love this little guilt free cakes !

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