Why the name

Why Bad to the Bowl?


I have to give credit where credit is due! My son (Sarah), one day, looked at me and said “Mom, why do you always eat out of a bowl?”. Now this was before the time where bowl eating was even a mainstream thing…we didn’t have names like Buddha Bowl, Power Bowl…you get the picture. After, realizing that he was right…I did prefer bowls over other dish ware…it became my thing to ‘bowl eat’. It just tastes better when ingredients are mixed and swirled in the bowl! It’s not clean, often not pretty when all mixed up…but it sure is yummy!

It took a few years, as life gets busy! While I was a stay at home mom, I entertained the idea of starting a blog about salads, but it was never brought to fruition. Then, a marketing job opportunity fell into my lap and I jumped into being a working mom and juggling a million different things at once! So the blog idea got pushed back a few years. BUT it actually ended up being great as my new job stretched my mind and educated me in whole new world of digital and inbound marketing! I love my job (still at the same growing agency) and am excited that I can bring the skills I am learning there – to here at Bad to the Bowl! I joke I am a marketer by day and foodie by night.

Early in 2017, I realized I really wanted to dust off the blog idea and bring it to fruition. The name Bad to the Bowl was still on my mind and I knew Rachel would be the perfect person to ask to go on this foodie blog journey with me because not only is she my favorite niece but we are both plant based and love to create in the kitchen!

So here we are! Thanks for stopping by Bad to the Bowl.