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Best Kid-Friendly Meal Delivery: Yumble Review

Thank you to Yumble for sponsoring this post so I can review their nutritious kids meals delivered for busy families! All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.

As a working mom with busy kids, I was thrilled when Yumble reached out to me to try their kids meals! After trying their meals, we can confidently say this is the best kid-friendly meal delivery service. Read on to discover our Yumble review.

Why We Loved this Kid-Friendly Meal Delivery

Both of my kids love a hot lunch! Whether at home or heating it up at school, it needs to be easy though!

1. Nutritious Meals

As a working parent trying to juggle it all, fixing lunch for the kids, was becoming quite the chore, but yet I still wanted to feed them a nutritious delicious hot lunch. Yumble kids meals to the rescue!

Each Yumble kids meals is approved by the founder of Yumble who is a certified Youth Nutrition Specialist. This expertise was important to me as I could rest assured that each meal would be balanced with the nutrients that growing kids need!

2. Vegan, Gluten Free and Vegetarian Options

Being a plant forward family, it was important to me that a kids meal delivery service would have meatless kids meals! I love on the Yumble website how easy it is to filter types of meals to only show meals that contain veg or gluten free. You can even filter to show meals that contain no egg, soy or milk. This makes ordering very easy from week to week!

There is such a nice variety to choose from with these kids meal kits. I love how they indicated meals that will win over picky eaters or that are top rated.

Yumble is also a big fan of veggies! They put extra veggies in their sauces and more. Even though we are a plant forward family, any mom will agree I think when I say, kids at any age can get weirded out by new foods they have not tasted. I appreciate the extra hidden veggies!

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3. Convenient to Use

My kids are ages 11 and 9, so I knew it was even more a bonus if they could handle heating up lunch on their own while not making a huge mess in the kitchen. Again, Yumble to the rescue! With their individually contained meal kits, each of my kids could choose the meal they wanted that day, follow the directions for heating up in the microwave, eat out of the container and then rinse and recycle the container. What a win!

yumble kids meal review
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Yumble Weekly Menu Variety

The weekly menu on Yumble Kids Meals is easy to use and I loved the filter view so could sort according to specific dietary preferences.

Our family is plant forward, so I wanted to view all meals that were meatless. Once I filtered to that view, there were quiet a few options which I was happy to see! My kids do eat gluten and dairy products, we were able to choose vegetarian kids meals and also a few vegan meals as well! Here are the meals we ordered:

  • Broc N Roll Veggie Chili Bowl
  • Sesame-Ginger Veggie Stir Fry
  • Garden Veggie Chili & Quinoa
  • Hidden Veggies Pocket and Rice
  • Signature Pizza Pocket with Broc & Parm
  • Snack Poppers

The menu on the Yumble website rotates weekly with signature options often remaining on the menu, like the Hidden Veggies Pocket and Pizza Pocket.

Pricing for Yumble includes pricing for 6 meals, 8 meals or 16 meals a week. Pricing goes down per meal the more you purchase. Each meal will cost you between $3.00 – $4.00 dollars depending on how many your family needs.

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An Honest Yumble Review

I was honestly a bit nervous as I was not sure if my kids would eat new foods! You know how kids can be a bit picky (insert eye roll!).

What a relief when they said it was AMAZING and I needed to order them every week!

When Yumble arrived, I was impressed by the sturdy box it comes packaged in and the large sized ice packet that kept the meals cold. We were able to recycle the packaging.

My son’s favorite was the Hidden Veggies Pocket with Rice. In fact, my son gave high praise for this meal and said it was the best rice he has ever had! The only option I wish would have been included is to have a ‘bigger portion’ for growing kids – he could have ate two portions of everything in this meal.

My daughter’s favorite was the Pizza Pocket with Broccoli Parm. She said it was amazing and wants me to purchase it again.

Both the Bro N’ Roll Veggie Chili Bowl and Garden Veggie Chili were met with smiles. Both of these chili’s are mild which is great for kids! As a mom, I loved that they were both vegetable packed.

Everyone has different taste buds, and the Sesame-Ginger Stir Fry was a bit on the ‘gingery’ side for their tastes. The snack poppers were nice for a grab and go snack, but I think I will just order all meals next time.

Overall, we were very pleased on how convenient Yumble Kids Meals were and that they tasted amazing! We are going to add Yumble Meal delivery into our lunch rotation to save us time during the work week.

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